Why Native Plants?

Native plants have many benefits and can be a sustainable and visually appealing addition to your garden. They reflect unique characteristics of the region and can tolerate local climate conditions.  They also are less prone to certain diseases and pests.

Native plants can help limit the chance of the spread of invasive exotic plants and require less maintenance when they are located in suitable soil and sun conditions.  They help conserve water and protect soils.

Native plants provide habitat and nourishment for local fauna such as birds and insects and other mammals.  They support native pollinators and other beneficial insects.  They play an important part in the intricate, local ecosystem that keeps our water and air clean and healthy and in turn helps support us through local agriculture.

By choose a diverse mix of native plants you can:

- provide nourishment (seeds, nuts & fruit) to birds and mammals
- offer shelter and habitat for a variety of wildlife
- create feeding opportunities of nectar and pollen to pollinators and beneficial insects
- encourage more caterpillars by supplying larval host plants

Information from:

- Going Native website
- Wildflower Centre
- Native Plant Society

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